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Gender-Responsive Budgeting Policy Note: Mainstreaming Gender Into the Public Financial Management reform

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Australian Government

The Timorese government officially introduced GRB on 14 July 2009 through a parliamentary resolution, the process of GRB initiated since 2003 during the administration of the Office of the Advisor on the Promotion of Equality (OPE) which was then transformed into the Secretary of State for the Promotion of Equality (SEPI) in 2008 and Secretary of State for Support and Socio-Economical Promotion of Women (SEM) in 2015 as a legal agency and central government body. This policy note describes how gender is mainstreamed into the Program Finance Management (PFM) reform that the government is undertaking. The process of mainstreaming gender into planning, budgeting, monitoring and evaluation cycle should eventually result in gender responsive budgets and plans.