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National Gender Equality and Women’s Development Policy 2016–2020

Solomon Islands
Year Issued
Name of Authority
Ministry for Women, Youth, Children and Family Affairs (MWYCFA)

Despite government efforts and numerous campaigns of information, women’s participation in leadership and decision-making at senior levels is low, and incidences of violence against women and girls remains very high. Similarly, while there is recognition that gender mainstreaming is a strategy to advance gender equality in government, this has not been systematically implemented. This National Gender Equality and Women’s Development Policy (NGEWD) 2016–2020 provides a framework for the implementation of the Solomon Island’s international and regional commitments to gender equality, which are based on priorities expressed by the women and men of the Solomon Islands.

The goal of the Policy is to advance gender equality in all areas of life and at all levels so that women and men in the Solomon Islands can fully enjoy their human rights to participate and access equal opportunities and development outcomes in order to fulfill their needs and support their well-being. It provides a comprehensive framework for the government, civil society and development partners for accelerating gender equality and the well-being of women and girls in the Solomon Islands.