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Handbook On Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace

Thematic Issue
Women's Economic Empowerment
Year Issued
Name of Authority
Government of India Ministry of Women and Child Development

Sexual harassment constitutes a gross violation of women's right to equality and dignity. In order to promote gender equality at workplace, it is important to ensure that the emphasis is on prevention rather than punitive action. This calls for widespread awareness on the Act among employers, managers and the workers themselves. Frequently, women workers may face sexual harassment but may not be aware that it is a breach of their rights and that there is something they can do about it. They need to know that they can do something about it. This handbook will serve as an important tool to make workplaces safe and benefit both workers and employers alike, leading to mutual gains. It is meant for all workplaces/institutions/organizations to provide a basic understanding of sexual harassment at places of work. Additionally, it is designed to offer Internal Complaints Committee/s and Local Complaints Committee/s (Complaints Committee/s) established under the Act, with simple, user friendly information on sexual harassment; what is expected of Complaints Committee/s to redress a complaint; and what the inquiry process and outcome should include.