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Eleventh Five Year Plan

Year Issued
Name of Authority
Royal Government of Bhutan

The Eleventh Five Year Plan is the second five year plan to be implemented since the introduction of Democratic Constitutional Monarchy in 2008. It builds on the strong foundations that have been laid since the inception of planned development in 1961. It is guided by His Majesty the King’s Vision for Bhutan and the national priorities that have been consistently underscored in Royal Addresses to the nation. The Plan sets out an ambitious development agenda to achieve this objective and fulfill the current Government’s pledge of ensuring “Prosperity for All” through effective empowerment of the people – “Wangtse Chhirpel”.

The documentations for the Eleventh Plan are as follows:

• Volume I: Main Document – Volume I discusses the current socioeconomic development progress, the key challenges and opportunities and the outlook for the Eleventh Plan. The Eleventh Plan goals, objectives, overall strategies, fiscal framework, and sectoral and local government objectives and strategies are presented in Volume I.

• Volume II: Central Government Programme Profiles – Volume II provides an overview of the major programmes to be implemented by central agencies. It includes information on the programmes, objectives, costs, activities, etc.

• Volume III: Local Government Programme Profiles – Volume III provides an overview of programmes to be implemented by the local governments – 20 Dzongkhags, 205 Gewogs and 4 Thromdes. It includes information on the programmes, objectives, costs, activities, etc.