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Publisher: United Nations
Region: Asia-Pacific
Year Issued: 2015
Publisher: OECD
Region: Global
Year Issued: 2017
Publisher: UN Women
Region: Global
Year Issued: 2017
Name of Authority: Parliamentary Council Office
Region: New Zealand
Year Issued: 1995
Name of Authority: Government of Malaysia
Region: Malaysia
Year Issued: 1994
Name of Authority: People's Majlis
Region: Maldives
Year Issued: 2012
Name of Authority: The National Assembly
Region: Viet Nam
Year Issued: 2007
Name of Authority: Secretariat of the Pacific Community, Australian Government
Region: Marshall Islands
Year Issued: 2011
Name of Authority: Parliament of India
Region: India
Year Issued: 1961
Name of Authority: President of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Region: Kazakhstan
Year Issued: 2006